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Our career intelligence helps you to raise the right topics in career conversations.

Why you need the career fitness Profiler

People want qualitative career conversations


of departures can be prevented by qualitative conversations about topics like career, well-being, relationship with the manager etc.


of employees do not feel involved in the talent cycle, only 20% receives career feedback.


of managers say they find it difficult to support their employees in the career.

How it works

Enrich contemporary careers with Career Intelligence

Defining the goals for your conversations

Qualitative dialogues are at the heart of the relationship between organization and employee. Whether you are looking to optimize internal mobility, focus on specific target groups within the employee population or off-board with care, a qualitative career conversation with the Career Fitness Profiler will ensure qualitative information.

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Prepare your conversations based on Talent Intelligence

The best career conversations stem from a thorough preparation. Armed with intelligence you can trust, you know exactly what topics to bring up, what connections to make and what hypotheses to test.

Career Values

What drives a person in the career? What are possible pittfals? Is the career compass adjusted correctly?

Career Values help people set personal career goals and make
the right choices for them.

Career Attitudes

What skills does a person have to manage their career? What does the person need in order to take ownership of the career and steer it in the right direction?

Career attitudes make people fit for the contemporary labor market.

Energy Stress Balance

What are a person's current levels of self-efficacy, reslience, hope and optimism? Does a person have enough energy to develop the career?

The energy stress balance helps people to identy energy leaks and remedy them.

Time for a qualitative career conversation

A qualitative career conversation is more then probing for what would make a person happy in the career. It cuts through bias, social desirability and foggy career outlooks. It's about showing people what's theirs to solve in the career and what to negotiate for with their employer.

Change the dynamic of the career conversation: stop asking the same old questions and show people an evidence-based mirror instead.

Show people what it takes to adapt to the current
career reality and to proactively manage the career.

No need to stay stuck in the "What I really dream about phase".
Identify concrete development actions and get cracking!

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Enhanced career dialogue

What are the relevant career topics? Address them, work towards mutual understanding and determine development actions.

Fit for purpose

The Career Fitness Profiler is created especially for career conversations. Don't use a hammer when a screwdriver is the better tool for the job.

Focus on growth

Assist people in identifying development opportunties and make positive choices for the future.

Evidence based

The combination of the three recent and most relevant scientific models for contemporary careers, guarantees the best career intelligence you could wish for.


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