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We help your organization eliminate bias by introducing our evidence based Talent Review Profiler tool.

Data and ai

Eliminate unnecessary frustration based on data and AI


at risk of ‘quiet quitting -> engaged to (re)take career control


less HR time spent on admin process


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“It was quite a complex problem. We liked the approach of using new technologies for data-driven approach, combined with strong focus on human-centred approach."
- Merit Jury

What is covered in this case study?

The question of Corilus

Talent Management is new frontier for us. We can't afford to get it wrong or go too slow. Help us make a quantum leap.

How did we solve this?

By providing a strong Tech & Touch approach, Corilus was able to shift from a reactive to a pro-active Talent Management practice.

What was the impact?

The talent intelligence provided by TLQs enaled Corilus to detect potential, mitigate talent risks and respond appropriately to people's aspirations, resulting a concrete business impact.

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Corilus delivers smart software to health professionals. We are growing fast. In the IT sector, talent makes all the difference.

To stay ahead, we realized in 2021 that we needed to focus on strategic Talent Management. It was clear to us that we wanted an integrated approach: finding a way to combine Corilus’ strategic talent needs with the aspirations of all our talents.

We have an inclusive vision on Talent Management. We wanted to support both Corilus' expansion and our people in search of personal development. We were looking for an approach that would enable us to be transparent and engage in open and candid career dialogues.

We have found a partner in TalentLogiQs, who's data driven approach was much appreciated. TalentLogiQs’ talent intelligence allows Corilus to reach more objective decisions.

Talent LogiQs helped us through 4 steps: Measuring, Visualizing, Decision making and delivering a ‘wow ’ experience to our talents.

In this e-book, we will give you an insight in how the combination of Tech and Touch worked wonders for Corilus. I hope it will inspire you to embrace the opportunities that come with HR Tech. Corilus has, and we are delighted with the results.

- Els Devoldere, HR director at Corilus

What was the impact?

Concrete outcomes of the corilus case

80% of those at risk of leaving were retained

The business impact is enormous. The cost we've saved by not having to replace the employees we've retained largely exceeds the investment of the entire project.

40% internal
lateral moves

We've increased internal mobility. In a fast growing company like Corilus, internal mobility is a great way to increase knowledge sharing and grow the business further.

“They followed the right mindset, which is to take an employee centric approach and adopt an integrated framework to give more transparency & structure to skills acquisition.”
- Merit Jury

80% took some

We wanted to activate people to take ownership of their career and development. We have succeeded to help people make positive choices.

80% less HR time spent on admin process

The Talent Review Profiler enables us to deploy our HR capacity where it is most needed: supporting our talents and managers in the dialogues.

Download our e-book to view the case in detail

Read more about how our Tech and Touch approach delivered impact for Corilus.


Our happy clients

At Corilus, an innovative and leading software development company for outpatient healthcare, we have embraced the Talent Review Profiler in our Talent Review Process. Analytics enable us to base decisions on performance, potential, aspiration, and talent risk metrics. The tool enables us to prepare both the Talent Review Meeting and the conversations with our talents in-depth, ruling out both conscious and unconscious bias. We do not have to rely on the gut feeling of both managers and talents anymore.

Dirk Van Lerberghe — CEO

The Talent Review Profiler provides not only with an evidence-based and speedy X-Ray of the talent pool, it has also provides the business with forecasting in terms of leadership, innovative and operational potential. We identify key risks like the risk of leaving and disengagement, and we give managers insight in the development opportunities and aspirations of every individual talent. This enables us to make talent decisions that both drive the business and engage talent. 

Nadine Aerts — CFO

For CM, the success of Talent Review depends both on the process and data you can trust. Crucial for CM is the conversation between manager and employee. The Talent Review Profiler fuels that conversation with the right topics in an evidence-based way. A personalized follow-up based on the data impacts our retention efforts positively. Retention is the new recruitment!

Kris Hapers — Head of HR team Talent

To ensure the growth of Multipharma we like to keep our talents close. The Talent Review Profiler helps us to dig deep into the essential career issues, possible risks and the potential of our talents. It helps us to engage in qualitative career dialogues, identify shared development opportunities and search for the win win.

Vanessa Gillijns — Talent Development Manager

Cegeka recommends the Talent Review Profiler as a tool that gives high added value to your talent review process. It makes the process evidence-based, helps save time, is focussed on development and supports our managers. 

Katrien Van de Vonder — Operations manager

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