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Empower your talent dialogues with evidence-based analytics by using our Talent Review Profiler tool.

Why you need a Talent Review Profiler

Put a halt to unnecessary frustration
based on Smart Data


of employees experience a mismatch between their aspiration and the offering of the organization


of employees do not feel involved in the talent cyclus


of employees receive career feedback


Struggles of our clients and where we can help

Can’t spot your hidden diamonds

Potential is often confused with performance. Only 30% of high performers are also high potentials. Get past the usual suspects in potential detection.

Wrong and incomplete assumptions

Don't make assumptions about career aspirations. Make employees attentive to their pitfalls.

No trust in Talent Review

Discussions behind closed doors and undisclosed criteria undermine trust. Increase transparency by using evidence-based data.

Spend too much time on process

No more data collection with Excel, no more endless calibration meetings. Spend time on what really matters: planning for development and follow-up.

Wasting time with HR reporting? Start talent forecasting with our TRP tool

How it works

Evidence-based decision support for your talent review

Prepare more efficiently

By automating invitation and follow-ups, you can maintain a real-time overview without hassle.

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Deepen and objectify your evaluations

Our talent intelligence helps you to easily compare talents on key strategic dimensions. 

Improve decision-making

Is it difficult to reach unified talent decisions? Our talent intelligence makes it:

  • Easy
  • Attractive
  • Social
  • Time-bound
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Our happy clients

At Corilus, an innovative and leading software development company for outpatient healthcare, we have embraced the Talent Review Profiler in our Talent Review Process. Analytics enable us to base decisions on performance, potential, aspiration, and talent risk metrics. The tool enables us to prepare both the Talent Review Meeting and the conversations with our talents in-depth, ruling out both conscious and unconscious bias. We do not have to rely on the gut feeling of both managers and talents anymore.

Dirk Van Lerberghe — CEO

The Talent Review Profiler provides not only with an evidence-based and speedy X-Ray of the talent pool, it has also provides the business with forecasting in terms of leadership, innovative and operational potential. We identify key risks like the risk of leaving and disengagement, and we give managers insight in the development opportunities and aspirations of every individual talent. This enables us to make talent decisions that both drive the business and engage talent. 

Nadine Aerts — CFO

For CM, the success of Talent Review depends both on the process and data you can trust. Crucial for CM is the conversation between manager and employee. The Talent Review Profiler fuels that conversation with the right topics in an evidence-based way. A personalized follow-up based on the data impacts our retention efforts positively. Retention is the new recruitment!

Kris Hapers — Head of HR team Talent

To ensure the growth of Multipharma we like to keep our talents close. The Talent Review Profiler helps us to dig deep into the essential career issues, possible risks and the potential of our talents. It helps us to engage in qualitative career dialogues, identify shared development opportunities and search for the win win.

Vanessa Gillijns — Talent Development Manager

Cegeka recommends the Talent Review Profiler as a tool that gives high added value to your talent review process. It makes the process evidence-based, helps save time, is focussed on development and supports our managers. 

Katrien Van de Vonder — Operations manager

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